Federal-style Farmstead

Architect:  John B Murray Architect LLC, New York NY

In October 2007, John Murray took a walk across 120 acres of County, New York, and snapped a picture. Murray brought into frame an empty patch of farmland, bathed in autumn light that illuminated the copper tree line in the background. Three years later to the month, Murray took another picture of the property—a different vantage point, but the same light. Now the viewfinder revealed something new: a Federal farmhouse attached to a field-stone cottage, a vibrant red barn a horseshoe’s throw away, and a winding driveway joining the dwelling with the country road below.

In 2007, the home hadn’t been more than an idea. But by the time the camera shutter snapped open in the fall of 2010, the home looked as though it had been there since time immemorial…

from: an article in the Old-House Journal by Jeff Harder photos by Durston Saylor