Our Customers

Daphne A
Thank you for the most wonderful house in the world!  I truly love it!!  I haven’t been able to get there since you and I last met. Sometimes I think the house is a far off dream.
I very much want to give a party for everyone involved – they were all so terrific! I have been thinking of Columbus Day weekend. Meanwhile the best thing is just knowing the house is there waiting. Anyway, I can’t put into words how happy I am – you spoiled me and did a fantastic job! I truly appreciate every detail.
A million thanks, Daphne


Kevin B
Construction can be a nightmare. Rick McCue made it easy. Rick McCue is honest. Rick McCue is a craftsman. Rick McCue cracks the whip until the job is done. Rick McCue dots the i’s and crosses the t’s and does not leave until you are satisfied.


Tanya R
The kitchen is wonderful and exactly what I wanted!!  Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. It’s such a pleasure to work with crews that are so peaceful and effective. You have great workers.
Please stop in and see the finished product. I can’t say that I am a better cook, but I certainly enjoy spending more time in the Kitchen!


Timothy P
I would like to thank you for the recently completed renovations at the Union Savings Bank, Sharon, CT done on our behalf. The project was completed on time, at budget and devoid of any “surprises”. Your staff was polite, courteous and highly professional. Their work is impeccable.
Please add our name to your growing list of satisfied customers. Feel free to use us a reference any time. Again, thank you.
Timothy P
General Manager


Louis P
I want you to know how pleased Jo and I are with the house, as built and rebuilt by you. The reconstruction after the flood in February is now complete. You and your crew really made a supreme effort to destruct the extensive damage and then to reconstruct the house as it was. The job you did is outstanding and it must have been in record time – ten weeks to rebuild the entire first floor and substantially the entire second floor.
I would add the I have recently obtained the cost estimate developed by Chubb. Your delivered price is far lower than their estimate.
Our thanks for a job well done.
With regards,
Louis & Jo


Sheila T
Just wanted to say thank you for your suggestions on the stair paneling and chair rail height. I appreciate the fact that you gave us an opportunity to reconsider the height… sometimes things look good on paper but in reality, they don’t work.
Also, Larry seems quite pleased with his large closet under the stairs. He said it’s quite large. I haven’t seen it yet because I was watching the two “munchkins” to make sure they didn’t fall through any holes in the floor.
Thanks again,


Eric L
I just wanted to tell you as we approach the holiday season how much Amala and I continue to enjoy the beauty of the house you built for us and how much we appreciate your total dependable support whenever a problem arises. I am sure people do not waste the opportunity to complain but often fail to pay a compliment when one is due. You deserve the compliment.
With kindest personal regards for the holidays.
Your sincerely,


Tom M
I just wanted you to know how crazy I am for your “Mr. Tom” House. It’s an amazing experience just to walk through the house. Each and every room has its own distinct character and class. The warmth, quality and taste that you’ve brought to the house are unmistakable. You have created a truly remarkable and distinctive home. It’s a home that HAS to be seen to be experienced. And even though it’s magnificent, it’s still very warm and understated. There’s a great, simple dignity that surrounds each and every corner of this magnificent new house.

I know how very much of you is in the new house, and you have every reason to be very, very proud of it. Hey, I am proud of it for you! Your craft and your talents are awesome. I want to thank and congratulate you on this extraordinary house. I can’t wait to move in and spend many, many years enjoying the fruits of your labor. I know that everyone who walks in the front door (or any door for that matter) is going to experience a once in a lifetime “home” experience. And what they will be experiencing is your taste, your talent and your dedication to excellence. Thank you for this wonderful house.


Joel S
If Rick were a movie he’d be the wizard of oz. Of course he’s not a movie but he’s still a wizard.
I met Rick 25 years ago when our realtor recommended him to inspect a house we had decided to purchase in Falls Village. In the 25 years since, he has added on to that house, doubling it in size.

He has also completely renovated and remodeled the 100 year-old Adirondack-style lodge we moved into in Lakeville (which has been published in House and Garden).  I recommended Rick to two friends for whom he has built homes. I wouldn’t think of doing any kind of construction and not using Rick and I can’t think of any higher praise.


Eric L & Co
Dear Edgar,
I promised to let you have the details of Richard McCue, the general contractor who built our house. They are as follows:
Richard E. McCue General Contractor
58 Walton Street
P.o Box 570-A
Lakeville, CT 06039
Tele (203) 435-9710
Fax (203) 435-8137
We were completely satisfied with the quality of the work, the integrity and standards of the subcontractors McCue used and the pride in the job which he took at every stage of the construction. We have also found that whenever there has been a problem, we get an immediate response from Richard McCue and the relevant subcontractors. I have never before had the experience of being totally satisfied with a contractor and would certainly recommend that you consider including him in your tender list.
Office of Eric L
Stanfordville, New York